5k Recap!

As stated in my previous post, yesterday was my third 5k in a summer series. It went really well! Actually, that could be a lie because results have not been posted online and it is a “no watch” run so as of now I’m not sure of my exact time. It’s a handicap run, which means everyone starts at a different time based on their previous running times to (hopefully) all end at the same time, 7:30. So, since my previous run was 24:21 my handicap was 5:39 and I started at 7:05:39.
I blasted my iPod to a playlist I made just for my run and went out very fast (for me) and thought about walking the last five minutes- but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t let myself although my legs and shins were aching and my pace slowed down considerably at the final stretch. Also, I thought about this:


and even though running on the dirt would have felt better on my legs I ran on the asphalt because it was a tad bit shorter in distance. After I crossed the finish line I walked to hand the bottom portion of my bib and heard the announcer calling out 29:08, meaning that it was 7:29:08 and I ran at least 52 seconds faster! I think that I was at least 10 faster than that time, but it may just be wishful thinking. I have been having some major sleep issues lately so run was a surprise! You would think now that Lindsey is out of jail I wouldn’t have trouble sleeping, but that has not been the case.
It was a good/miserable/fun run and quite a few of my friends also did it and it was nice watching everyone come in. After the run we had a little BBQ/swimming party and it was great to talk to people about running and discuss marathons and half marathons with a couple of people. It was a great day for running and hanging out with friends.
While I certainly don’t intend to make this any sort of political blog but I must say that I’m very proud to live in California today!

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Rattlesnakes and another 5k

Well, it’s already August! On Friday I made some statement about posting more regularly… about that. I think it will just take me a while to get in the swing of things. On Saturday morning, bright and early I went on another trail run and encountered yet another rattlesnake. I’m not sure if it’s the time of day (early morning), just the time of year, or the certain trail I do, but this is the second one I’ve encountered in the past month! He (I’m taking a wild guess that it’s a male) was hanging out in the middle of the path. In order to get him to move I threw a rock, which made him start to rattle. I somehow escaped intact but Mr. Snake wasn’t unscathed. Anyway, rattlesnakes aside it was a decent run, especially due to lack of sleep and measured to be about 6.2 miles. I was pleased to start my Saturday/weekend on such a great note.
Tomorrow marks my 3rd 5k in a summer series. My first run was 24:33 and the second was 24:21, so I made minor improvement. I’m hoping that tomorrow I can somehow make it at or under the 24 minute mark. The series doesn’t allow watches and is in the evening heat, which certainly does not help matters and also has handicaps so you have to run past all of the people running at a slower pace than you. I’m going to stop making excuses and see what happens tomorrow, fingers crossed!
Saturday, after the run, I headed out to the lake with some of my friends. It’s a nasty man made lake and still about 30 minutes away, but it’s always fun to hang out and work on the tan.
I’ll be sure to report back on the 5k!

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Trail Running

Howdy! So the beginning of my blog has already been lackluster, but I have since changed internet providers and now have reliable internet everywhere in my house! Also, I must admit that I often think about internet privacy and am wary about posting anything on the internet. I recently NYT article called The End of Forgetting, and it made me think even more about internet privacy, although I’m sure this blog will be kept PG. How do you feel about posting on the internet?

I ran 6.8 miles on a couple of different trails yesterday; I must say that I’m loving trail running so much more than the roads lately. Anyway, I ran up a pretty steep trail to the very top of a hill that overlooks all of the country and… there were five 50 year olds who had driven up there hanging out on lawn chairs and drinking wine. It was pretty funny/odd to me but I think it’s just a testament to the gross little hick town (and the people in it) I live in and that maybe I’m so hardcore that people go drive to my running spots to watch the sunset. I kid, I kid. I finally signed up for a 25k trail run on August 15 and am nervous about it since I haven’t ran more than 7 miles in the past month and a half!

If you’re looking for a hangover tip, then I have one for you right in time for the weekend! One of my friends shared this with me and I must say that it has helped me a couple of times in the last couple of months. Tip: when you get up make a protein shake! Most of the powders have vitamins and the cold drink will really help with your alertness. I generally use protein powder, frozen banana, almond milk, water, splash of coffee and some ice. You can basically use whatever you have on hand but on Sunday I used frozen strawberries in lieu of bananas (I was out) and the combo was unbearable!

Hope you find the tip helpful and have a great weekend! I will definitely make posting a regular thing from now on… But I’d better get in a longer run before my 25k in two weeks!

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First Post!

Hello with my first blog entry! I thought blogging would be a lot easier, but I forgot how technologically challenged I am. I will be working on spicing up my blog.

I’d my blog to focus on fitness (obviously), running, and healthy living. I’m sure I’ll also blog about fashion or other nonsensical things too.

I woke up and after a piece of toast and coffee I drove out to my running spot. According to my car, the temperature was only 75 when I set out but the sun was blazing down on me a the early time of 7:30 a.m. Let me just say the run was brutal and I ran a couple of little but hard trails. At the top of the first trail, which is called Hang Glider hill, I stopped after a rough run, and a pack of high school kids soon followed. I headed back and took another back to my car and luckily the high schoolers went further or else I would have been embarrassed. The run was roughly five miles but today they felt difficult and I didn’t even want to consult my Garmin for accurate time or milage.

I’m not sure if I’m getting sick or what, but since the run I’ve been sleeping pretty much all day. Now I’m watching Wedding Crashers and plotting my next run for tomorrow night, since we are supposed to have a “cool” day with a high of only 98 degrees.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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