Trail Running

Howdy! So the beginning of my blog has already been lackluster, but I have since changed internet providers and now have reliable internet everywhere in my house! Also, I must admit that I often think about internet privacy and am wary about posting anything on the internet. I recently NYT article called The End of Forgetting, and it made me think even more about internet privacy, although I’m sure this blog will be kept PG. How do you feel about posting on the internet?

I ran 6.8 miles on a couple of different trails yesterday; I must say that I’m loving trail running so much more than the roads lately. Anyway, I ran up a pretty steep trail to the very top of a hill that overlooks all of the country and… there were five 50 year olds who had driven up there hanging out on lawn chairs and drinking wine. It was pretty funny/odd to me but I think it’s just a testament to the gross little hick town (and the people in it) I live in and that maybe I’m so hardcore that people go drive to my running spots to watch the sunset. I kid, I kid. I finally signed up for a 25k trail run on August 15 and am nervous about it since I haven’t ran more than 7 miles in the past month and a half!

If you’re looking for a hangover tip, then I have one for you right in time for the weekend! One of my friends shared this with me and I must say that it has helped me a couple of times in the last couple of months. Tip: when you get up make a protein shake! Most of the powders have vitamins and the cold drink will really help with your alertness. I generally use protein powder, frozen banana, almond milk, water, splash of coffee and some ice. You can basically use whatever you have on hand but on Sunday I used frozen strawberries in lieu of bananas (I was out) and the combo was unbearable!

Hope you find the tip helpful and have a great weekend! I will definitely make posting a regular thing from now on… But I’d better get in a longer run before my 25k in two weeks!


About fitnessnic

My name is Nicole and I am a 22 year old who enjoys running, working out, and healthy living. In just the past year I have completed my first half marathon and first full marathon. I hope to continue running in races and improving my times while sharing my experiences with others.
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