5k Recap!

As stated in my previous post, yesterday was my third 5k in a summer series. It went really well! Actually, that could be a lie because results have not been posted online and it is a “no watch” run so as of now I’m not sure of my exact time. It’s a handicap run, which means everyone starts at a different time based on their previous running times to (hopefully) all end at the same time, 7:30. So, since my previous run was 24:21 my handicap was 5:39 and I started at 7:05:39.
I blasted my iPod to a playlist I made just for my run and went out very fast (for me) and thought about walking the last five minutes- but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t let myself although my legs and shins were aching and my pace slowed down considerably at the final stretch. Also, I thought about this:


and even though running on the dirt would have felt better on my legs I ran on the asphalt because it was a tad bit shorter in distance. After I crossed the finish line I walked to hand the bottom portion of my bib and heard the announcer calling out 29:08, meaning that it was 7:29:08 and I ran at least 52 seconds faster! I think that I was at least 10 faster than that time, but it may just be wishful thinking. I have been having some major sleep issues lately so run was a surprise! You would think now that Lindsey is out of jail I wouldn’t have trouble sleeping, but that has not been the case.
It was a good/miserable/fun run and quite a few of my friends also did it and it was nice watching everyone come in. After the run we had a little BBQ/swimming party and it was great to talk to people about running and discuss marathons and half marathons with a couple of people. It was a great day for running and hanging out with friends.
While I certainly don’t intend to make this any sort of political blog but I must say that I’m very proud to live in California today!


About fitnessnic

My name is Nicole and I am a 22 year old who enjoys running, working out, and healthy living. In just the past year I have completed my first half marathon and first full marathon. I hope to continue running in races and improving my times while sharing my experiences with others.
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